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Ferrari 312 & 512 sports racing cars the Porsche hunters / Ian Bamsey / Haynes

book in english


Ian Bamsey

160 pages

22cm x 31cm

Ferrari 312 & 512 Sports Racing Cars were the awesome machines developed to counter the formidable challenge of Porsche during the last Great Era of World Championship sports car racing, a decade and a half ago.
Perhaps the most impressive of these was the glorious five litre 512 built (with big backing from Fiat) specifically to oppose Stuttgart's classic 917 and which was eventually developed into a swifter machine. The massive Le Mans battles of 1970 and '71 between these Goliaths were golden years for the 24 Hour race.
No less inspiring were Ferrari's three litre prtotypes, powered by the marque's immortal V12 and Flat 12 Grand Prix engines. The later Flat 12 cars were sometimes swifter than the bigger engined 917s and went on to sweep the 1972 World Championship.
Each of Ferrari's anti-Porsche weapons is studied in depth and the remarkable story of this intense period of World totle competition ('69-'73) is old in full. The text is supported by detailed technical specifications and is illustrated by a stimulating selection of contemporary black and white and color pjotographs, many previously unpublished.
This penetrating account of five years of unforgettable racing has been made possible through the enthusiastic co-operation of key engineers, Technical Director Mauro Forghieri and Race engineer Giacomo Caliri. Research ahs also drawn upon recollections of drivers, material from contemporary English and Italian publications and official Ferrari records.
A number of Ferraris myths are destroyed and some surprising new facts emerge...
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