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ferrari 308 questions

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Hi all,

I am currently looking for a toy. I am not wealthy but do all right. I am interested in the 308's. I really like the car and the used ones seem to be in my reach. So I would like to know what your thoughts on the car and Ferraris in general are. How tough is the maintenance on them? I have experience doing tune-ups (adjusting timing, tuning dual carbs, etc) and feel comfortable turning a wrench. Is the 308 model easy to work on in the garage or does it require dealer service and special tools?? I am sure parts are expensive. How much are brake pads (might as well start with the normal stuff)

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Here is a nice 328 listing

I would agree with Spasso you will get a better deal if you buy from a private seller.

Personally I would go for the 328 for the extra power. The 308 for its looks (I like it a bit more than the 328).
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