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Ferrari 275 GTS 6989

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Barchetta says something about 3 posti, Meaning 3 seats (like you didn't know that). The photo's are not big enough to see it, and every other source doesn't say anything about it. Is this a normal 275 GTS or does barchetta know something we don't?
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Checked the Ferrari Owner's Club RegisterIII and..... 275 GTS 6989GT as listed as : : 275 Pf spyder 3 seats RHD, so Barchetta knew more as someone always will.This is Ferrari. And the search goes on.
I figured the problem out some time ago, but forgot to post it. There are several 275 GTS's that have a wider passenger seat so 2 small people can sit on it. They call it 3 posti. So actually it is a car with 2,5 seat.
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