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Ferrari 250 LM Ferrari's first street legal mid-engined GT car / Marcel Massini & Rob de la Rive Box / Osprey

book in english


Marcel Massini & Rob de la Rive Box

196 pages

20cm x 25cm

The Ferrari 250LM is a special Ferrari, make no mistake. It takes its place alongside the very greatest of the marque, and everyone knows how great the name of Ferrari is. Dean Batchelor's quote: 'Truly an exotic among exotic's is no insubstantial puff. And here's why.
1961 was a major turning point for the Maranello racing team - it was deemed proper, at last, for the engine to sit behind the driver. Those first cars were Dino sports-racers after the Formula cars. Soon the sports car designers were saying that if a V6 or V8 will fit, so will our traditional V12.
A change in regulations for 1962 prompted experimentation and Forghieri lengthened a Dino chassis to take the 250 engine. So the 250P was born.
By 1963 the 250P had won at Le Mans and was on the ascendant. Ferrari's GT car, the 250 GTO, by 1963 was looking to be beaten and needed a successor. What better than a 250P with a roof; thus the 250LM was born. LM for Le Mans to celebrate their victory?
Here is the definitive development, production and biography of each of the 32 cars made in the 250LM series starting in 1964 and running through 1966.
Never before has such detail been assembled on one model. As driver David Piper says in his Foreword to this book, there is no more lovable racing car than a Ferrari 250LM.
Enjoy the 200 plus black and white photographs and the unique colour section. Revel in the detail of these most significant and handsome cars - Ferrari's last genuine production road/race cars, a breed which was soon to disappear. An important book for the Ferrari aficionado.
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