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Feedback on this section please

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I think this section is needed to help organize the site more. I'm hoping the Tech forum is used for fixing, and repairs while this section is for upgrades and track related things.

Let me know your thoughts.
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Good work.
D I Y on your Ferrari and upgrading for track are two differnet things all together. (not that Im speeking from my own experience as Im no F owner though)
I think this will become a great section. I haven't been one of those that modify their cars but I have seen some tuning firms and have been quite keen to find out about them but have no guts to try them out, mainly because the car will lose it's value on resale.
I'm not so sure. The percentage of performance-related topics we've had is fairly small. Most of the topics are diy and repair issues. You now have 12 different forums in action. How far are you going to break it down?

When I do a repair to the car, or any of my cars for that matter, I always look to see if upgrading is a reasonable option. Let's take brakes for example, if I want to work on my brakes and need advice, or I have upgraded my brakes and want to pass on my experiences with the work, do I post in the Tech section or the Tuning section? I guess if I want all the available information I will now need to look in both.

I think both could be covered under Tech. It is like the vintage Ferrari section, I never look at that. When I log on, I check Ferrari discussion, tech, and driver's lounge. If I have time I will check out the others but generally not. If I happen to see a vintage Ferrari I would post my encounter in the Ferrari section, not the vintage Ferrari section.

You know how when you call the credit card company or the airlines you get a whole menu full of options that lead you to other menus full of options? I hate that. If I want tech info, performance or otherwise, I would like to have one place to go and get it.
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Understood but the idea I had was organization. As post increase it is better to organize them which means more sections to get more specific.

I think this section came about because yesterday at Infineon raceway I met a number of owners that like to race their car and one that wants to add many aftermarket parts. Hence this section for those interest.
I'm not arguing the need Andrew, for me I guess it is more of a filter. I'm not, at the moment, interested in the high performance and racing aspect of the Ferrari so the people that are can talk about it here without me butting in and confusing the issue.
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