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Just thought I'd let you guys know about a fun event that is in the central Florida area this fall, on Veteran's Day Weekend. It's the Roar n' Soar festival at the Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL. I am a member of the Jaguar Club, and we will also be running a slalom there. I'll be racing my 1971 V12 Jaguar E-Type. You can participate on either or both days.

This is just a friendly note to let you know about it, and isn't a commercial post. If you want more info, please go to the Fantasy of Flight's website. Individuals and clubs can sign up online.
Roar n' Soar II at Fantasy of Flight - Nov. 8 & 9.

I don't work for the event planners and am just spreading the word to other enthusiasts, hoping to see a lot of cool cars there!

Ginger Corda
Jaguar Club of Florida


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