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Factory "official" GT team??

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Just a question, does Ferrari have a Factory "Official" sponsored team competing in FIA-GT or N-GT in either the US or Europe? I am just curious, thats all. By the way, WAY TO GO 360 GT TEAMS!!!
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they do however have an official car now: the 360 Modena N-GT
before that it where cars converted by a tuner.
and Di Montezemello has said that they are working on a factory 575 MM GT
The factory does not get involved with racing sports and GT cars but supports privateer teams that race them. They did this first with the 360GT where the factory official contractor Michelotto build the 360GTs. Michelotto also build the 360 Challenge cars for the one-make series. And now they will build the 575GTC (I think)

This year's successful 550GTs were built by British Pro Drive, a company owned by BAR principal David Richards. Another French company (I can't remember the name) also build the 550GT and raced them in 2002.

The factory is now forcussing on racing Maserati in the FIA-GTS and have employed Jean Jacques His, formerly Renault F1 engine chief to head the engine development of Maserati. I don't think Maserati will race against Ferrari because they are in different classes. 2004 will be very exciting, especially when Lamborghini enter the frey as wel.
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the 575 is beeing build another italian company
can't think of the name now
ProDrive had hoped to get the contract after their great work on the 550 but unfortunually it isn't so

and the Murcie GTR will already be on the track during the last race of the FIA-GT together with the new 575 GTC, maybe even sooner.

the maserati that is beeing developed now is based on the Enzo, so it will be racing in a different class then GT and GTS where that the 575 and the 360 are racing
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