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how many F50's are actually in the US?
and wich was the 1st one

my uncle found some pics back from when he visited Floride wich must have been in junuary 96 (he wasn't sure anymore if it was 95 or 96)
but he gave me all the shots (1 role :cry: ) he took at Cavallino Classic
and on there are 2 pics of F50's
so those should be the 1st ones in the US
i digged up Cavallino 92 wich lists 2 F50's there
103500 owned by Art Zafiropoulo & 104021
now one pic clearly shows Art driving the F50
but the other one is parked and no license plate.
but my main question is are these the 1st ones in the US? or is there an earlyier car? if so wich one?

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I think he HAD two,
for 103139 I have:
delivered to A Evans,
then via Ferrari of Los Gatos .USA
to Steve Perry .USA
to Bernhard Dransmann .D
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