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They use the same differential...the difference i have found is...

To enhance cornering stability, a small diameter twin-plate clutch replaced the large single-plate clutch. This allows the V8 to be mounted lower in the chassis. After the clutch is either a conventional 6-speed manual or a 6-speed F1 semi-automatic transmission (expect 80% customers will choose the latter). The software of the F1 box is improved again, enables much smoother gearchange. The gearbox transmit its power to a new electronic differential called "E-Diff". Ferrari claims this technology was transferred from its F1 cars and it is the world's first for production car. In fact, there is no fundamental differences between E-Diff and Mitsubishi's AYC or BMW's Variable M-differential. Well, it's a good technology, just don't mention "world's first" or "F1 technology" in every sentence

it implements active torque transfer by using the 2 clutches incorporated inside the differential

Torque is continuously distributed between the wheels via two sets of friction discs (one for each driveshaft) controlled by a hydraulic actuator

Can anyone compere those two differentials...i think evos is a little better because it hasn't heat loses...Do you have any photo of f430's differential so to compare with evo's?
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