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Yep, I remember when that episode originally aired on TV. Has a matter of fact I've still got it on tape.
That entire show is basically on Ferrari and the F40 with highlights being other than F40 itself.
Is the Ferrari Factory where you basically everything being done in the maing of their cars.
From the pouring of Aluminium to make engine blocks in the sand moulds to some the construction of the F40s themselves in the production lines.
Motorweek the show is still the best automotive TV News/Car Testing program being made here in the States.
Has a matter of fact for the last few years they go down to Georgia's Roebling Road raceway here's a link:Motor Racing Circuits Database
To basically trash the heck out all the sportscar's they test for the season.
They've done it for all the most recent Ferrari's from the F355 to the F550Ms.
Has a matter of fact last week show had they testing the Maserati Coupe Cambiocorsa.
I'm sure if they can get their hands on a a n Enzo they'll test the heck out it too.
Also they offer VHS tapes for sell though I don't know if offer tapes from that far back.
You can go to their weebsite. or to get their website and the order info.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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