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a cool project in Japan

this should be a translation of that

Ferrari F40 ST (stradale)
Part 1

F40 was announced in 1987 and this year (2005) with also 18 years passed. F40 which exists rises, wear of deterioration and the damper of the bush of the underside, damage and the oil going down of the seal of the turbine, oil is water leak, a gasoline leak and a oil leak etc. with the deterioration of the rubber of each hoses and it is serious and to run, insecurity remains. What you think that latest it will restore and & モディファイ these all measures 2001 type (2001 completion) probably will make F40 is opportunity. In addition the special of LM, GT and GTE etc. (EVOLUZIONE) the car some type exists in F40. It diverted these parts and highest F40 which is thought at present time (ストラダーレ it made goal. ENZO which does not show interest inthe load carin 1986 June "like former times although being the racing car, it probably will make the car which can run the public road it isn't? F40 which "with you propose at the board of directors meeting and you complete. Although being the racing car, you succeeded the concept that tried producing it can run also the public road and. 2001/08/25
It purchased 1999 1 F40.
Never, was not the good individual, but
From first being to be the schedule which is made disjointed
It had not made so the air.
This is the picture of the time where the rose it starts doing.
This F40 the muffler, was all original states such as aluminum wheel and steering wheel.
You worked with here ↓ of everything.
Interior it is the place where the rose it starts doing.
F40 was stripped all wrappings and the interior part and made the form only of the pipe frame. Also the tub of the carbon which is in the foot is removed. When you see this as a single unit, F40 you cannot think at all.
The frame all was painted to the silver.
Also the rear frame is painted cleanly.
The tub of the carbon and in a state where the master cylinder and the pedal are temporarily locked it is.
The board of the carbon of the floor is not installed yet. .
The frame which installs the seat which is the floor part is processed. The fact that seat position is lowered is purpose. The carbon panel is stuck with the rivet and the special adhesive. Normal is the carbon under panel of F40LM which differs.
Front cowl, side step, rear cowl, rear bumper
It temporarily locks and adjusts shield bill
. This is not agreeable about may say completely. Spending the time when the air becomes far, you adjust.
Everything F40GT it is the wrapping panel which is lightened similarly.
It is the carbon part which was made more lightly than normal firmly.
Stand attaching coordination with the lock pin and side step of the front cowl is done.
Stand attaching coordination with the lock pin and the rear bumper of the rear cowl is done.
F40GT the side step which is lightened similarly.
When you see from rear, it is such feeling.
The front cowl the hole for temporary locking rice front spoiler installation is bored.
The front spoiler is stopped temporarily.
Only the head O/H did the engine. It meaning that state is not bad this time you waived the skid base. However the original valve seal, the valve guide was not agreeable and was also a part which the て anew is produced.
As for just this you asked to outside order as expected.
Requesting job at the certain famous tuning shop.
"When it makes such wind, it is better", that the variety it was said.
When so it is broken, being the case that it is compensated or thought of durability
At all reference levels we had decided to unite.
The side sill of the carbon, the carbon tub of the foot is locked with the special adhesive.
The door being able to meet, made the hand winding window type.
Because you cannot use sliding acrylic type at the fee place of the highway, is.
Gradually it became F40.

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Dj Dirk said:
or maybe he just got way too much money and got a bit bored?
That seems more like it. Too much money and too much time. Must be nice. I can only seem to get one or the other. (and neither one includes the words "too much")

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Rosso said:
There seem to be stock cars in Japan. They like to do at least a little something to their cars...even Ferraris.

Looks like they totally took the F40 down to the frame and rebuilt it...phew.
You've got that right. My photos of their biggest Ferrari event is a testament to that statement.
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