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F40 spotted near/in Charlotte, NC

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At dinner on Tuesday evening, one of my buddies told me he saw a red (Rossa Corsa?) F40 pulling out of Charlotte Latin school, and proceeded to ride with it for about 10 minutes until he went screaming away.

Yesterday at work, I was sitting in my car (don't ask) when that unmistakable Ferrari aura came over me. I looked up and saw the F40 passing. I believe it had a 30-day tag on it. I immediately called ALL of my friends and told them about it, and when the F40 drove back by about 10 minutes later, I went up next to the road and watched him go by. :)

It made my week, so I posted about it over at (I drive a 1990 and 1991 300ZX) and someone referred me here to see if anyone knew anything about the car.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Oh, by the way, I work in Marvin/Weddington, NC, if that's important.
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Welcome Z1_ZONLY

what's a 30-day tag?
and without a license plate it will be a lot harder to try and find the s/n of that F40
Thanks for the welcome, but I doubt I'll be here long. Don't get me wrong, I love to drool over these cars, but every time I check them out it makes my stuff feel inferior.

For instance, one day a few weeks ago, I was riding in my Z with the t-tops out and the music loud and my sunglasses on, feeling all cool, and in the opposite lane, a Ferrari convoy goes by, led by a Testarossa and followed by plenty of 328's and 308's. Although it was an awesome sighting, I felt very dejected about my car(s).

Anyway, a 30-day tag is assigned right after someone buys a car, and allows them to legally drive it on the road for up to 30 days, while their permanent tag is being made.

Unless sold from a private collection, the only exotic car dealership in Charlotte is Foreign Cars Italia, home of a Fayence Yellow Carrera GT, a couple 355's, and enough Maseratis and Porsches to go around.
Don't feel bad about a 300zx. It's a great car and better than what a lot of us (me) have. And you have two of them. So nothing to be ashamed of.
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