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F40 Larini Exhaust System

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Here's a video of the new Larini Exhaust system for the F40.

They are currently building an exhaust for my BB.
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I like the rumble it makes when it is in low revs :D, can you post a vid of your BB when it has the exhaust fitted?
Yes- I plan on posting various videos/sound clips, after the new exhaust system is installed.

Here's a shot of my car, ready for the install. The stock exhaust has been removed and put in storage.


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It's been a while since you've installed your Larini exhaust system.

Other than the it-doesn't-fit issues, how do you rate your Larini?

I'm seriously considering a Larini sports muffler for my 308GT4 and would be very interested to hear some real-life experiences...


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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