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I will try to post my notes from last weekend's event over the next several days. Here is Day 1 - Friday.

I arrived at Maranello on Friday afternoon, having taken the train down from Milan to Modena. It is actually quite an easy trip and the train was even on time. From Modena, Maranello is a 15-20 minute cab ride. The F40 had been shipped directly to the Fiorano track, which is where I was told to go for initial check in. After circling the factory once, the cabby got directions and we were able to find the track entrance fairly easily. Once inside the gate, and now on the holy ground of the Ferrarista, I decided to go take a quick look at my car to make sure it had arrived in one piece. The grass lot that had been set aside for the F40s was right to the left behind the main guard house. When I arrived there were about 15 F40’s parked side by side with more on the way. In this setting, seeing that many F40s in one place seemed very natural. After a quick once over, it was back to the main complex for final check in and touring around the Ferrari complex.

The kick off of the main event officially started that night in an auditorium next to the new Classiche workshop. After a welcome speech by Jean Todt in which he mentioned that he has an F40 and has no time to drive it (he did sound quite disappointed), we given a more detailed brief by the Classiche staff on Saturday’s regulatory rally and Sunday’s events at Mugello. At the conclusion of the briefing we were ushered next door for a reception in the new Classiche workshop. After another short speech in which everyone was encouraged to have their F40’s officially certified, the covers were pulled off all the cars undergoing restoration and certification. It was really an amazing and quite interesting sight. Many of the models were exactly the ones you would expect to see including several early 50’s models, three 275 GTBs, several 365 GTB/4 Daytonas, a 512 BBs, a F40, a F50, a couple of 250 Lussos, a 250 SWB, a 250 TdF, a 250 GTE, a 330 GTC, a set of Dino 246 GTs, and then amazingly a pair of 400i’s. It just goes to show the passion any Ferrari can generate for its owner. Not drooling on any of the perfect paintwork required intense concentration.

In an amazing display of cruelty by the Classiche Division, after only half and hour, they announced we now had to leave for dinner. I think most of the group would have been quite happy to starve if it meant we could spend a few more hours enjoying all these amazing Ferraris. Dinner was held across the street from the main factory gates at the Ristorant Cavallino. Given how famous this place is, expectations were quite high. While the walls are covered in Ferrari memorabilia, the stuff that comes on the plates is much closer to Fiat quality. I would not go back next time I find myself in Maranello. The best part of meal was that the service was efficient so we were all out of the place in time to get a good night’s sleep as the start on Saturday would be early.
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