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F355GTS squeaky roof

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Hi guys

forum newbie, so please forgive if this topic is covered elswhere - searched but couldn't find.

I have just sold my soul and my Grandma and taken delivery of a seven year old F355GTS.

I'm completely smitten by the ownership experience (although the buying experience through a UK Ferrari main dealer left a very sour taste).

Only annoying aspect so far is that the removable roof panel squeaks like mad, mainly from the rear corners (by the locating pegs I assume). It's driving me loopy :x

Before I embark on a series of unsuccessful home-made remedies, has anyone cured it, and if so how.

Thanks V much in advance.
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Squeaks in top.

Nigel, First of all I would recommend "Paste" silicone not spray. You may find it at NAPA if they still handle it. The other choice is a Teflon based "paste" lubricant that that Radio Shack sells. Neither of these products will deteriorate rubber and are a great lube. They come in tube dispensors.
Thanks for the prompt reply. Don't have Radio Shack over here in Blighty, but I know a few electrical stores, so I'll try there.

Don't suppose you even need the roof on where you are, but summer in middle England is when the rain gets warmer :roll:
You can also use a dab of petroleum jelly on the suspect areas.
Nigel, its also called liquid sunshine (I live on the "Wet" coast of Canada, that's what we call it around here). :lol:
Update on the squeaky roof.

I tried talking to my Ferrari main dealer but he was as much use as a handbrake in a canoe. :roll:

The locating pegs had several washers so I assumed there was some degree of adjustment possible by adding or removing the washers.

As the squeaks were caused by roof panel movement, I assumed adding another couple of washers would reduce the movement. Wrong. the squeaks got worse, but were isolated to the locating pins, NOT the sealing rubbers. I also noticed that each of the locating pins were slightly worn where they located on the holes. To get round this, I simply swapped them round, so the wear points were in a different place.

Tried taking a couple of washers out and this has made LOADS of difference. About 90% of the squeaks have now gone, and the bit that is left can be cured by a bit more Vaseline.

Happy bunny now :D
A little happiness Nigel

I knew you could do it.
Cheers Magoo - I knew I could do it too.

However, the solution above didn't last for more than a couple of days.

Last weekend I tried again, and after a great deal of failed experiments, I started to look at the locating holes for the roof pegs. I jammed a screwdriver in and tried to make it squeak - nothing. Whilst crawling around inside though, I accidentally bumped into the leather trim that covers the rear roof mounting beam - and heard the exact same squeak.

After all this time, the sqeak has been caused by the roof touching the leather trim NOT the roof against the body.

Ah well, live and learn.

Nice to have a quit(er) car.

Still can't hear the voice prompts on my iPAQ's satnav though!
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liquid teflon

I have only just joined this group so I hope this is not too little too late but on the other car, SLK, I had the normal annoying squeek from the roof. I asked a friend of mine who works for Mercedes UK as technical man and he told me about some wonder liquid Teflon. I got some from a mercedes dealer, £25 for a small bottle, which you just wipe on. I wiped it on all the rubbers round the roof boot and doors and you could hardly tell I had used any so the bottle should last a long time. All the squeeks disappeared.

I have the part number somewhere.

Welcome Nigel - good detective work.
I was going to suggest that your Grandma probably has a good home remedy for Ferrari roof squeaks but you've gone and sold her! :green:
Nigel, Hope this is not to late. I had a minor issue with squeaks on my F355 GTS roof. Solved the problem with Silicon gel which I picked up at a Halfords in the UK. Boxer42
Only annoying aspect so far is that the removable roof panel squeaks like mad, mainly from the rear corners (by the locating pegs I assume). It's driving me loopy
This is the very problem that I have been stressing in all my 355GTS posts. All my friends that have the GTS complain about it. I've talked to the workshop manager and there is nothing that they can do.

So a home-made remedy is to coat the rubber with a film of silicone grease. It will cure the problem until the grease is dry. Repeat when needed.
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