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Does anyone know of an online dealer with a price list or a better source who could accurately price these items out for me or tell me if the hours seem extreme for the work done?
Most of these things seem covered under a std 30k service. What does that typically run for a 355?

These were the prices I was given for some of the items

CV boot kit- $84.99
2 heat shields- 228
Timing Belt Pulley- $575.00
Alternator Idle pulley bearing $54.00
2 motor mounts $280.00
Timing belts- 212.00

Total for my parts came to over 3k
Total for labor was 40 hours

The labor consisted of:

A/C remount recharge
CV joint and heat shields replaced
replace 2 motor mounts
timing belt and pulleys
replace valve cover and seals
spark plus and fuel filter
replace drive belts
oil change/coolant change
brake bleed

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Not entirely sure.

the timing belts are exactly what i was quoted for parts but im not sure about the rest. You should take into account that they have to lower the engine so it does add to the labor. I don't know of any good sources for pricing, dealers and repair shops are not quick to disclose. Im am getting valve guides replaced on my 355 so i am also looking for pricing and would be interested in what you find. Good luck.
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