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F12Berlinetta Owner

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Bought the car around 6 months ago.

2017 Grigio Silverstone F12 Berlinetta

Added within the first few weeks of ownership:
Catless Ryft race pipe
Capristo X-Pipe
Mase Engineering Tune
Hardwire Front/Rear dash camera
Hardwire Radar Detector
Removed old PPF and put new one on with ceramic coating

Already put over 4,000 miles on the car since and look for every possible opportunity to take her out. 8 MPG of pure fun. Previous owner spec'ed the car really nicely. Just about everything on the interior is carbon (door, door sill, wheel, around AC vents, bridge, cup holder, etc.). Car now has almost 38,000 miles and to me looks phenomenal for it's mileage. Got a nice deal on it since most fear the mileage. Gives me a green light to keep racking it up and enjoy!


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