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F1 360 or Manual?

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Hi all,

Just wanted to say what a great site this is. Full of interesting info and nice pics!

Anyway, my question to you all is that I am looking to buy a 2004 360 spider in a few weeks... and can't seem to make up my mind if it should be with the F1 paddle shifts or a manual? Can anyone give any insight as to which they feel is best... and why?

I have test driven both... but still can't seem to be able to make up my mind!!! Is the clutch likely to last longer in one as opposed to the other? This will be my first Ferrari, and the shape of the 360 has always appealed to me. So any general advice on the pros and cons of the 360 Spider would also be very useful.

Any advice would be greatly appreiciated!
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well, congratulations on your purchase! Looks like Pozzi blue?
Ah, couldn't quite tell from the pictures. It looked kind of dark so maybe I thought Pozzi. TDF is nice. 8)
4i2fly said:
I don't dispute the difficulty of manual gear changes, especially while high performance driving. I too after three years and almost 13K miles still miss a gear here and there. Also notable is everyone whom I spoke, with the F1 box likes the set up; but in some cases they had to take the car in for a bit of software adjustment to suit their personal driving style which is great. The manual is infinitely programmable to suit your preference in any situation. Here’s a story you may get a kick out of, my buddy and I were driving on Woodside road (west of I280) merging into I280 south, he was driving his F1 and I was driving the manual in my car. Imagine an orange and a red 360Modena flying through a mile of freeway. We were floored all the way through 6th gear (going through all gears, 2nd-6th) we hit over 155MPH and then slowed to exit at Sand Hill road. It was too much fun and showed how similar the cars are. I kept an eye on him in the rear view mirror and our distance practically never changed. Afterwards he said if there had been any hesitation on my part to shift gears or lift off throttle he would have run into me (I really don't recommend this exercise, specially on public roads). Differences aside, I am sure we all agree 360Modena is a great car no matter what options it is fitted from factory.

I found out that Sears Point Track event is only a couple of hours a day. I am verifying that but with all the stuff going on the track the limited time makes sense. But I am pretty sure we will see some awesome vintage Ferraris. There was a 250 GTO that was lapping a couple of race spec Ferraris last year. I also saw a 50’s Testorossa (I think 56 or 57) which came in 3rd in that year in Le Mans. It will be great weekend.
Wow, that sounds great! Must have been an amazingly fun short run! I can picure where it is on I280 :p

Well, indeed sounds like it's going to be a good event. I've pretty much convinced dad that we're going for both days, so it's looking pretty good and hopefully everything will align.
Well, your TDF 360 looks real good with that great scenic background!

The Challenge grille does look different, painted. Although I think I personally like the contrast of the black on the coloured body.
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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