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F1 360 or Manual?

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Hi all,

Just wanted to say what a great site this is. Full of interesting info and nice pics!

Anyway, my question to you all is that I am looking to buy a 2004 360 spider in a few weeks... and can't seem to make up my mind if it should be with the F1 paddle shifts or a manual? Can anyone give any insight as to which they feel is best... and why?

I have test driven both... but still can't seem to be able to make up my mind!!! Is the clutch likely to last longer in one as opposed to the other? This will be my first Ferrari, and the shape of the 360 has always appealed to me. So any general advice on the pros and cons of the 360 Spider would also be very useful.

Any advice would be greatly appreiciated!
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Got my Modena F1 yesterday. From my limited experience I can unconditionally recomend the F1 box. It is absolutely great (as the car of course!) and when you start getting used to it so enjoyable!
Enzo250GTO said:
ddemet said:
Got my Modena F1 yesterday. From my limited experience I can unconditionally recomend the F1 box. It is absolutely great (as the car of course!) and when you start getting used to it so enjoyable!
Congrats on your purchase. There are a few more members in Switzerland, you should hook up and get some photos of all the cars!
Thanks! I've already posted a photo of my keys and attached is a photo of the car.

I live quite close to ze_Shark and SpaceBoy so that would be easy. Not sure about the others.


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I've already done 500km in less than 48h. Would probably have done more if it weren't for the uncertain weather at this time of the year in Switzerland!

Yes it is new, I actually saw it on the assembly line in early January during a Factory vist (mentioned it in an other post).

Yes the Cayenne is also mine (got it last year), you need a 'mountain' car if you live in Switzerland! Great car for long distance driving, amazing handling for a 2.5ton SUV.

The colour of the 360 is TourDeFrance Blu.
-F1 box: nearing 800km and still love that box! :lol: Very fast and fun in agressive driving and very comfortable in relaxed situations. Just needs a little care in hills and jams. I guess it is a question of taste but 80% of Modenas sold have this option, makes you wonder why.

As for the 'Ferrari-ness' of the F1 box: do you think Schumi's FormulaOne car is not 'Ferrari' enough? What about the Enzo and the Stradale that only come in F1? :eek:

-Diablo: you wouldn't get a plaque like this (check plaque.jpg) in the Lambo though :wink:

-TdF: check some fresh pictures! :lol:

-Badges: I like them a lot.


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Dj Dirk said:

next time when your taking pics, can you take one then with the sun in your back, that way i can see your lovelly colour better :wink:
also is that the lake of Lausanne?
It is Lake Geneva on which Lausanne is also located (in French it is called Lac Leman so as not exclude the non-Genevans).

I live on the Northern (Swiss) side of the lake and at this time of the year the sun tends to be interfere with photos of the lake unless taken in early morning/late afternoon but I'll try take your suggestion into account next time.

In the mean time here is a less spectacular photo (doesn't show the lake and the cliffs) which shows off the colour better though!


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Dj Dirk said:
yes, that shows the colour better :D
i really love that colour, but no challenge grill?

the area around the lake is really beautifull. i drove beside it in december when i was going the Gstaad for the auction
Hope to have some more pics when weather clears up (with the sun in the back!).
I've always loved dark blue cars! Had a dark blue 996 before and a dark blue 840ci before that.

Decided against the challenge grille in the back but went for it for the front so as to match the side air intakes.

The area around the lake is indeed stuning. It is the biggest lake in Europe (by water volume, not surface). The cliffs on the northern shore make for some great vistas and I am lucky enough to live only a 5 min drive away from those winding roads by the hillside vineyards!

Which route did you take to Gstaad? Through Bulle, Col des Mosses or Col du Pillion? The fastest and most interesting is Col du Pillion but if weather conditions are bad it can be a little challenging. Can't wait for the summer months to drive around the Alps!

BTW were you at the Ring on June 20th last year?
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Dj Dirk said:
not really sure what route i took, i printed out directions from the michelin site :evil: and ended up in Lausanne, according to michelin i arrived at my destination :evil:
so luckelly a friend had brought along a small map, and followed the road besides the lake to head up the mountain to gstaad
on the way back i drove to the other way, that was a LOT faster and closer to the freeway :evil:
and i got caught speeding, 3 flashes in the dark is pretty scary, but still haven't received it, thank god

you mean if i was at the Ring during the Modena Motorsport Days? from Uwe Meisner?
yes i was there, for both days
That is strange, Michelin usually gives good directions! :-?
Both ways are quite scenic anyway. 8) Some more lake views with the 360. :D

Good luck with the radar. :oops:

As for the ring, I ment the accident with the 360. :cry:


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>dirt on the car: As you can see on the pics it was a very sunny day here by the lake and I couldn't resit going for a ride 8) . The region being quite steep you can easily gain a few hundreds of meters of altitude within a couple of kms and unfortunately, after a short drive, the clean, dry, lake-side roads gave way to melting-snow-wet and salty roads :oops: . Took the picture on the way down. Washed it straight after :) !!! See attached picture in the afternoon at the same spot.
Yann was especially critical of the 'dirty car' photo :wink:
I hope everybody is reassured my car is clean again.

BTW those mountains in the background are right above the French town of Evian and, presumably, the inspiration for the picture on the bottles.

>grills: thanks for the comment! I am sure your car must be wonderfull too! Any pics??
As for the back grill, I thought heat dissipation must not be too much of a problem (especially in Switzerland!) otherwise they would have fitted it on all 360s. Furthermore I like the 'blue metal/red lights' look and a black grill would have spoilt it a little (could have had it painted of course...).

>licence plate: All Swiss licence plates have the two-lettre Canton (State) identifer followed by (up to) 6 digits. Lausanne is located in Canton of Vaud (VD) hence the plate. I just used the VD part of the pic to camouflage the numerical part. I've seen it done before. No special significance!

>'ring: it must have been very sad! :cry: Do you know how it happened?


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Dj Dirk:

I didn't know Jens but read about it. Must have been terrible. Lost two friends in a car crash some years ago but not on a track day.


your car looks great, especially on the track. As for the grill I guess it is really a question of taste (like the box!). I prefer it the way I ordered it but the grill is very nice too.
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