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How much should i pay for a König exhaustpipesystem, the one with 6 outlets? It is slightly used, around 3500 km/2200 miles.
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well, the koenigsite says for the 360 modena:

KOENIG-Sport exhaust 6-pipes
complete stainless steel, polished, 6 end pipes 80 mm diameter, handmade, very good sound, powerincrease € 3.900,–

KOENIG-Sport exhaust 6-pipes
like above, but with bypass-valves € 4.700,–

I have no idea how fast these things wear or how fast they depreciate so I can't help you with that. Just giving some info (you probably already looked it up yourself)
Is it the one with the by-pass value? The 360 has this so after so many RPMs (I forget the exact number) you get a strait through flow. That is very important. I would pay 3,800-4,000 for it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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