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Exhaust tones-Tubi/Ansa/Stebro/Borla any real difference?

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Does anyone have any experience with anything besides the Tubi? I'm debating on one for my F355 Berlinetta. I've only heard the Tubi vs Stock as most people have the tubi but I was wondering if the others have similar sounds at idle and WOT.
Any help or where sound clips are available would be much appreciated.

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Concorde said:

I really like the sound of Stebro... I think it's a little throatier/deeper than the Tubi's I've heard (and about half the price, too, since they don't worry about their stainless being so highly polished that it looks like chrome the way Tubi does).
Welcome to the board Concorde, but you might wanna use a different colour then yellow for your posts.
I could only read it if i selected it
don't worry about it man
Nice to have you here
yes, unfortunally you are right, that one isn't street legal :(

And don't forget the beautifull sound that it also produces :wink:

You can also start posting them, as long as they are not too big
max 5 mb
manu said:
DJ - how can I post these files mate?
I've got LOADS AND LOADS - although I'll kick off with a couple - they're all in .wmv format!
Easy, if you are in the post repy page.
you have the area where you type your message
and a bit below there you will see a button that says "Add an Attachement"
click on it and an extra menu will appear that will allow you to select the file from you HD, click add attachement (3 per post) and when you'r done click Submit, and you are done

you know i can afford the exhaust, now i have to find a way to finance the rest that goes with it, you know, the car :lol: :wink: :green: :work:
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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