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I have replaced two (2) exhaust manifolds on my F355 Spider in the last 2 years. I was informed by my mechanic that the exhaust manifolds on alot of Ferrari's cars are defective. He apparently confirmed this with one of the dealers. Has that been anyone elses experience? If so, I need to speak with you.
Here is part of the problem. Ferrari North America does not want to warrant the parts and labor even though it is covered in the warranty manual.

Please give me your feedback or contact me at 956 668 7302 as soon as possible.

Bobby R. Garcia
McAllen, Tx 78502
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Defective Exhaust manifolds.

Bobby, The best thing to do is to get the real scoop from someone at a Ferrari dealership. At Ferrari Of Atlanta I have a guy there I contact when there are things I can't find out easily about Ferrari. His name is Mark in the service dept. He is always ready to help and a great guy. Ferrari Of Atlanta 1-800-522-2345 ask for Mark in Service. He will give you a straight answer.
I have just bought a 7 year old 355 GTS and it had to have a new manifold before it left the dealer.

The bit about a lot of Ferrari manifolds having problems sounds about right to me. I used to Have a Fiat Coupe 20valve Turbo and I am heavily involved with a brilliant Coupe forum. My Coupe manifold cracked and I paid to have it replaced. After joining the Coupe forum, I found several other owners had suffered too.

I decided to try to get Fiat UK to replace the manifolds, and to cut an incredibly long story (over a year) short, Fiat have been replacing all Coupe manifolds free of charge for the last year or so. At the last count, we reckon they have done about 50 cars.

I imagine Fiat and Ferrari use similar technology in their manifold design, so it is entirely feasible that the same problem is occuring.

Good luck with your attempt to get some money out of the Fiat group - I think they have a few financial problems anyway, so it will be interesting to see how you get on.
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