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Hi Andy.

It is great to read the comments that you have posted on this site. The 308 GT4 that you have purchased looks like a fabulous example, "congratulations".

If your exhaust is in good condition, you could consider removing it from the car and painting it with a High Temperature Corrosion Resistant Coating (HPC). This is a permanent professional finish that will withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees C.

If you feel really enthusiastic, you could remove the header pipes and paint them with the same finish, improving the appearance of the engine bay.

The mild steel exhausts typically last for about 6 years before they deteriorate and rust holes appear. I have just fitted the third exhaust system to my 1979 Ferrari 308 GT4, since I purchased it 17 years ago.

Tubi stainless steel exhaust systems are beautifully made and enhance the sound and power output of a well-tuned Ferrari 308 engine (by about 2 percent I believe).

Ferrari 208 and 308 GT4's were fitted with a unique exhaust system. The shape is triangular in section, when viewed from the end.
Tubi do not make an exhaust to match the shape of the original Ferrari 308 GT4 exhaust, but instead make an oval exhaust that can be fitted to either the 308 GTB or GT4.

An original look was important to me, so I have replicated the original exhaust in Stainless Steel, including the details like the ribs and the tailpipes, to match the Ansa mild steel system previously fitted to the car. The result is a very attractive exhaust, that gives the engine a stronger, deeper sound.

The New Zealand Ferrari distributor imported a Tubi exhaust system for a customers Ferrari 328 recently, the price was about $NZ 6500.00.

The price that you have been quoted for Michelin XWX 205/70 tyres sounds very good. I paid about twice that for a set of tyres a couple of years ago and the supply sometimes becomes scarce.

I hope that this helps.

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