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epa dot releases

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:cry: Help! I am a new member from New Jersey. I own a 1983 512 BBi. My insurance company took my EPA DOT releases from me a number of years ago and now says thay have lost them. Does anyone know the procedure if there is one for getting copies?
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The EPA is the Enviromental Protection Agency here in the U.S. in charge of well, protecting the environment. Over simplified as to what they do. They set some of the emissions stardards, stuff like that. I have no idea what the DOT is. I'm assuming the DOT is some form of document that has info on the car and showing it pass the EPA standard? Just a guess.
DOT = US Department of Transportation

They are the ones that are responsible for safety issues - they make sure that when a car is converted to US specs that the bumpers, lights, placards, seat belts, etc. meet US car specifications.
ah, does jerks that ruin a lot of beatifull european cars so that they are allowed in the states :evil:
I would call Dick Merritt at the DOT. Unfortunately I can't find his number, it's in Forza every once in awhile. I would try to get the DOT's number and then get his through them. He has owned literally dozens of Ferraris over the years (imported, resold, etc) and would probably be the best to talk about something like this. Sorry I can't be of more help, I'm sure I'll run across the # again sometime.
Correct, Dirk.

If you know where your car was converted, I'm sure they could help.
DOT, Ins co.

Like Bret says, Contact the DOT and they can give you the info.. If your ins. co took possession of them it should be their responsibility to produce them.
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