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Enzo's test numbers and other tibits.

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These probably are not out yet, but maybe someone here knows something I don't. If someone has some test data of the Enzo please post it. I would like to know its track time and skid pad if you have it. I know it puts aprox 1200 pounds of downforce at 140mph. Est top speed is 219. Lets see what else we can come up with. Start posting all the info you have on the car and lets see what we come up with.
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I've heard it pulls 1.36g on the skidpad which would be nothing short of amazing, apparently someone in europe did a test as that number has come up on other forums quite a bit. As for acceleration, I think Road and Track tested the Enzo, but I can't remember if they took numbers on it, etc. Unfortunately the issue is at home and I'm at school, but I'll be home this weekend to check.
1.36g???!!!! Wow thats amazing. Just off the top of my head the Viper and C06 pull right at 1.01g, I'm not sure what the McLaren pulls but I'm guessing that is the highest gs for a car to pull through the skidpad (road car that is)
I remember mclarens didnt do that well on the skidpad, at least the road ones. The LM's had so much downforce that you coud theoretically drive upside down on the cieling at 200mph. The enzo should have even more. 1200lbs at 140 is amazing for a road car. It must be glued. Its one of those cars that you CANT take a certain corner at 60, but you could take it at 100. ground effect cars must be so scary to drive.
I'm not sure about scary but I do know its bumpy. Image an additional 1200lbs on a cars suspension. Not a very smooth ride. But Ferrari's designers took this into consideration. After 140mph the wings that create the downforce are altered by a computer to keep the force at 1200 for all speeds over 140. So at 180 the downforce would be more if they weren't kicking in. Dirk you have to know a few cool things about this car that haven't been mentioned. This could be a dumb question but did they have handouts on the Enzo at the Paris auto show?
Niope they didn't give anything at Paris :(
ok it was really crowded, and i didn't bother to get in line to go inside, that was too long.
But i have a lot of info in several mags
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