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Enzo Ferrari portrait: interest?

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Hello all,
I have done a few original portraits in charcoal on 19x25" paper, one of Enzo himself (photo hopefully attached), and a few others of past Works drivers (Niki Lauda, Gilles Villeneuve). I was wondering if there would be any interest in a limited run (~100) of poster size high-quality prints of the portraits... Of course, the originals are always for sale at the right price!
I loosely based the Enzo portrait on a small photograph of the man operating a motor dyno, and I used compressed charcoal sticks, my fingers, and a thin eraser for detail.
I have the time to do these portraits this summer, but in September I will be returning to my 4th term Transportation Design classes at Art Center in Pasadena.
Thanks and any input would be greatly appreciated! -Nicholas Green
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Very well done and welcome to the forum! :wasup: I think there might be some interest prints. What price are we talking about and what size? Have you tried any of the models, I know cars a hard to draw but if you have some post those as well please.
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