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Hi, Enzo250GTO. I had promised to get you the article on the Enzo chassis builder when I get back from Melbourne. Here's the 7 October '03 article from Autocar magazine by Peter Robinson.

"Enzo helps Carrera production

Porsche expects to build two GTs per day by January, but says that in November 2004 the daily rate will rise to 2.7 cars. Why so? Because early November '04 is when the last Ferrari Enzo carbon structure is cured. You see, both Porsche and Ferrari use ATR, a specialist Italian carbon fibre manufacturer.

The carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFP) requires 1000 seperate layers, often with additional layers of aluminium honeycomb, and takes five days to create before being cured for eight to ten hours in an autoclave. ATR runs 10-12 identical moulds working in parallel to meet Porsche's demands."

Interesting, isn't it. The two rivals have the same chassis fabricator!!!
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