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edited: Transaxle upgrades? (for Ferrari 'F1'/sequential)

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I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a supplier for:

- stronger gearsets (tranny internals to withstand more engine torque from a modified engine, and over long endurance races, i.e. many load-cycles without needing frequent rebuilds),
or a transmission shop which installs aftermarket/stronger gearsets into a 'F1' (sequential/paddle-operated) Ferrari transaxle case?

- any sources for changing the computer programming of these semi-auto transaxles?
Or alternatively, does anyone know whether Ferrari has built-in so much of a 'safety factor' that perhaps the 'F1' transaxle from a F430 (I'd hate to even ask the cost of one from the Enzo since they're hard to obtain. ;-) ) might take about 650 lb-ft at the flyweel without modification and without need for frequent rebuilds despite being subjected to that 650 lb-ft over long endurance events -- despite the 575M's (EDIT: F430, as I said above. Of course, the 575M is front-engine so I can't use its transmission; this was a type-o as I jumbled 2 different Ferrari #'s in my head :) ) 'stock'/OEM engine putting out 'only' 345 lb-ft?

It's brilliant that they mass-produce these semi-automatic transaxles, but I'm putting out somewhere upwards of an Enzo's torque. :) This is for an old FIA GT tube-frame racer now running as street-legal, so nearly any Ferrari transaxle should fit. I'm just using the 575M (EDIT: F430) as an example since it puts out pretty high torque even from the factory, and is mid-engine/longitudinal -- and I'd assume some 575M (EDIT: F430) owners/racers modify their engines to make more HP/torque? Any Ferrari 'F1'-transaxle casing should be suitable so long as it's for a midengine/longitudinal layout; but I'm simply presuming the 575M (EDIT: F430)might be best since it's the strongest midengine Ferrari I know of besides the hard-to-find Enzo.

Thanks, Jeff
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