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Drove a Ferrari!!!!!!!

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Saturday night in the rain, I drove a blue 360 Modena F1!!!!!!! :green: Ya'll see, I am a valet a fine restaurant in the houston area. I have driven many exotics. I go to school in the morning, and work at night. When the thread about what everyone did for a living came up. I thought about posting on it. This job is helping me pay for school, and it gives a great opportunity to drive some special cars. Since valets have a bad rep for some reason, I decided to counter it with cars that I have driven and love.
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The big reason is has been said, it is more classy to have your car parked for you and you can get out at the door. Also, they park the expensive cars upfront where it makes the restaurant look good. They also valet park because they can squeeze more cars in the lot when being parket by the guys that know what they're doing and you don't get any of those soccer moms that park sideways, over the line, etc.

Whenever I let my dad take the 308 to go out to eat with his girlfriend I give him strict orders for no valet parking. I wouldn't want someone else parking my car, not because it is worth so much, but because I have put so much of my own time and money into it. I barely let him drive it, and that's only on occasion. When I switch to the Electromotive system I could switch the rev limiter down to like 5000rpms when I let him take it. In my dad's defense he's a very very good driver. He's real good at braking and taking turns although I think I'm starting to get better than him, but in drag racing (i.e. getting the max power to the ground when accelerating) he's ridiculously good. Not much of an issue with the 308, but with Corvettes, etc.
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