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Drove a Ferrari!!!!!!!

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Saturday night in the rain, I drove a blue 360 Modena F1!!!!!!! :green: Ya'll see, I am a valet a fine restaurant in the houston area. I have driven many exotics. I go to school in the morning, and work at night. When the thread about what everyone did for a living came up. I thought about posting on it. This job is helping me pay for school, and it gives a great opportunity to drive some special cars. Since valets have a bad rep for some reason, I decided to counter it with cars that I have driven and love.
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SpaceBoy said:
Congratulations !

Did you manage to get away with the F1 gearbox ? Did the owner explain to you how it works or did you left it in "automatic" mode ?

And just one tip, even with ASR, these cars are very slippery on wet roads so do not accelerate too much.

Thanks Didier, but it wasn't my first F1 tranny and so I knew what to expect. It kind of 'sputtered' off the line, but I was going slow.Since it was raining, I wasn't about to damage my dream car :eek: The guy was really cool, and he didn't even have to ask me if I knew how to drive it. I complimented him on his beautiful car, and he was very gracious.
Dj Dirk said:
But that mean that you get to drive it like 20 meters or something right??
still it's fun.

I don't really get that valet parking, over here we don't have that, and i don't think that i would want other people drive/park my Ferrari

I don't get to 'test drive' them too long, about 3-4 min max. I don't ever take them off the property, whether it's a hyundai or Ferrari. I respect those individuals who are nice enough to let us drive their cars, so I don't abuse my privelage. If someone doesn't want to valet, then they have the option to self park across the street. I've had a couple of Ferraris that wanted to self park, but usually they are nice about asking for a spot. Usually they will take care of us for it as well. I find if I talk to them about their car,and show that I know all about it. THen they are more willing to hand over the keys.
SpaceBoy said:
Good question Dirk !

What's the deal with this valet thing ? Why not park your car where you want and go on foot to the restaurant ? Is it because there are no public parkings ? Are public parkings to avoid ? Do americans hate to go on foot (hehe..sorry for the question) ?

Here in Europe a lot of restaurants have their own private parking where you can park you car for free.


PS : I'll agree with Dirk : I let nobody drive my Ferrari... :ex:
Here in the states, most people expect valet parking at the 'high' class places. The front spots are usually reserved for valet, so if you want a front nice to the valet. AMericans don't hate walking, its just that they like the convience of valet parking. We have our own lot as well, but we don't allow self parking there.No offense didier, but you rather have your Ferrari up front, where it can be admired and watched. OR would you want it on some lot just because you could park for free?
On the Ferrari f1 put your foot on the brake, release the hand brake, always make sure that the 'N' appears on the dash (if not, pull both paddles towards you). flip the right paddle to '1' and off you go...nice and slow :wink: That is the safest way I have done with the F1's I've driven.....Maybe Didier has a different way.
Yeah, except those paddles feel so good :wink: :green:
Not only that dirk, but the whole experience :green: . Everytime I get in one, I get all 'giddy' like a child,,,hehe :p . Just sitting there looking through the rear window into the engine bay is worth the price :wink: Starting her up, working her is unbelievable!!!!!

Do you tip the valets for allowing to park your 'beast' up front?
Bart said:
A shiny new dime. Ha-ha
I wouldn't be surprised :wink: :roll: :-?
Saturday night, I was able to ride shotgun in a 575MM!!!!! :green: The man didn't want me to park it :evil: .But I asked him if it were ok to ride along with....... :wink:
Dj Dirk said:
what did you say to get in, if i can't drive along you can't park in front?

Well, I told him that I hadn't seen an 575MM in person. So, I offered him a spot up front. But.....I asked him if I could ride along,,,he said sure...let his wife out....and I got in!!!!! I'm hoping next time he'll let me drive it. :wink:
Enzo250GTO said:
Ummm, did you slip them the name of this website or tell them you are a F nut? Next time slip of piece of paper under the visor :D :D

We talk a bit about Ferrari..... I told him I had parked a 360 F1 the previous Saturday, we also touched on the was cool...I'll have to mention the website next time 8)
Dj Dirk said:
Well perhaps you can park an Enzo next year :wink:
I'm not holding my breath :p :lol:
I should stay positive Dirk...You never know. A friend who works with me drove an there is still hope for me yet :wink:
Friday night,,,,I was able to drive the blue 360M again!!!! :green: The owner is soooo nice, he even made a slight demostration of 'speed' when he left the restaurant.....coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :) :D :wink: :green:

the powersteering issue is a non issue for me. I really don't get them up to any 'high' speeds. With the 308's and older mondials, you can feel the lack of power steering. I'm just grateful for people being friendly enough to let me drive their Ferraris. :wink:
César said:
Oh great !! I`m waiting for my turn.

You're friend, F50 !? Lucky bastard !

Congrats ...
Lucky indeed :evil: , but I hope to get my chance at an F50 on day or even an Enzo!!!! :eek:
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