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Niels and DJ Dirk,

The body that is currently on 2493GT was originally placed on a pontoon-fendered 250TR s/n 0716 by Drogo in 1964.

As for 2735GT it is actually a 250SWB that was rebodied by Drogo following a crash in 1962. In the early eighties the car was restored to its original configuration and the body was sold to British Drogo afficionado, Ian Webb, who had it installed on 250GTE 3611GT (with a 275GTB engine!).

By the way, neither 2735GT nor the breadvan, 2819GT, are "special 250 GTOs." They are 250 SWBs. The only special bodied GTO was 3445GT, which was rebodied by Drogo in 1965. In 1976, the car was returned to its original configuration and that Drogo body is now on 250GTE 2433GT.
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