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Dream Garage

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just look at this, this is simply to drool from and never stop drooling

simply stunning

the cars that you can see
288 GTO, Enzo, F50, TR59, F40 & 275 GTB
and what a decoration,
trees, paintings, BIG scale models & ENGINES!!!
or just look at the floor
this garage is just amazing

ps, sorry about the small pic, i needed to resize it HARD to get it below 150kb


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Enzo250GTO said:
Wow, that is impressive. Looks like their is a room over on the left so you can see them from the house.
Well, you're almost right! At the left, there is a nice swimming pool. From certain rooms (and from the pool), you can indeed see the cars in the garage! Great view! How do I know?? Well .... I've been in that garage! It's not my picture though. But the garage is sooooooooo cool! You will also get a nice "show" when you enter the room (nice combination of light effects and music). The best garage I've ever been to. And also owned by a very nice guy .... :)
Enzo250GTO said:
I guess that means the next time I'm in the area you will have to arange a visit for me :wink:
I'll see what I can do! But you are probably closer to this garage then I am :D It's not in Holland. And not in Europe ... :p
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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