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Does this count?

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Here is my ride. I ride it everyday all over my city. Click on it. You can see a better look of it.


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i'm dissapointed man
it isn't red and it doesn't have any ferrari stickers on it :p :roll:
There is one Ferrari sticker on it but you can't see it. I had one on the front and it looked sooo cool but it got sun rotten. I had to take it off. I am tring to get some more Ferrari stickers but there hard to find.
you have to start somewhere, my first car to drive was a Citroen 2CV.

So he can only move ahead...........

jags said:
you have to start somewhere, my first car to drive was a Citroen 2CV.
That brings back memories jags - my first car was a Citroen Visa Club - same engine as the 2CV - fast it wasn't, but it'd go forever on a full tank!

You didn't need a speedo - you could tell the speed by which part of the interior was vibrating!!
Yeah, you need a Ferrari badge or shield to make it a true "prancing horse".
Well, it's more bisicle than I have... ...If I had one I'll be at work in 10 min. Now I need about 30 min!
:-? I wish I didn't need my car for work
It is a Mongoose and I have had it for about 11 years. It is a wonderful bike and It gets me all over the place. I love it. I am looking for a Ferrari sticker for it so don't worry. :work:
Spray it Red !

by all means its not a Ferrari. It's a Cadillac. Spray it red. Paint the rims black, and put Ferrari Badges on it with carbon fibre grey pedals. and you got yourself a F360 CS Bike LOL.:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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