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Does the tubi muffler, headers, and filters work?

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as you all know, my 355 is on its way. :lol: I am growing more and more impatient :evil: I am thinking about purchasing some goodies. Who has had experience with teh tubi muffler, headers, and filters. I AM also considering the pipes that get rid of the catalytic converters (for track use only of course :wink: ) . Which muffler system will be the loudest? I really want that f1 screaming sound!!!! please help me with feedback. And last but least what performance upgrades would you recommend and what vendor would you recomend
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Have you priced all that stuff out yet? I know the Tubi exhaust for my car is like $2,500. I'm sure it would be more for your car. I did stumble across a set of resonator pipes (that allow you to replace the catalytic convertors for testing or track purposes :wink:) and they were $650 for the pair.

On the plus side, everyone I have heard of that has a Tubi exhaust loves it! The engine is basically just an air pump, so anything you can do to help the air get in and out will increase the performance. However, with more air you need more fuel. I looked at the Powerchip that is the banner above and they said your car stock has 375 hp and 268 lb.-ft.
With just the Powerchip you would get between 405 hp and 408 hp, and it's torque to between 286 lb.-ft and 289 lb.-ft. They want $2,450 for your car but that includes installation. This is their datasheet for your car:

Personally, 375 HP is no slouch. I'd wait until you actually get the car and see if you like it the way it is. If you just want it to make more noise you can slap a Tubi on but I don't think you would get the full benefit of the increased airlow without dialing in the fuel and timing to match.

If you are serious about doing this, I'd contact these Powerchip guys, tell them what you want to do and see what they say. Find out what it would cost for you to do the whole job instead of just half.

You may also want to find a shop with a dyno and get a baseline stock reading and have it re-tested after each modification. Dyno shops are also a great place to get performance advice.
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get the 355, use it for a week, and then tell us if you're still unhappy. My 355 spider with full tubi works sounds awesome when i feel like driving it at 10/10ths. But when i don't, it still sounds 10/10ths when i just feel like chilling to some RnB or Jazz. Decide carefully. Besides, if ur not feeling 10/10ths there are other softer, more mundane cars out there for you to buy. It all boils down to you tho. Daily driver or weekend screamer.
I'd like to see someone dyno one of these 30 hp chips...
Heck, since Powerchip is a sponsor now, they oughta be willing to donate one or two of these to prove to the community that they really make it, cause people that have been around the aftermarket for any length of time don't believe many horsepower claims...
Try a Larini

Board sponsor DexM is the official US importer for Larini exhausts. Larini has a system for the 355. Pricing will be better then the popular Italian brand, and quality is better. All Larini systems come with a lifetime warranty.

Contact us through the banner ad or e-mail at [email protected] for more info. We will give you special, preferential Ferrariforum member pricing, so be sure to mention this thread if you e-mail or call.

I hope we can be of service.

Best regards,
Brent Cardani
DexM llc.
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Where are you located outside of Detroit? We are up in Genesee County. We'd like to try and start hosting some get-togethers with Ferrari and Lamborghini owners. Any interest in joining us?

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