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Dino Wheels

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I bought a beautiful 74 Dino at Barret Jackson in January. It has knock off wire wheels which look great but are not original. I can't find original Campy wheels anywhere. Does anyone have 5 Campys for sale?
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Welcome to the board Alex.
What type of Dino you have?
WOW, that's a pretty nice collection you have there.
The Modena, does it have a challenge grill??

And posting a pic is very easy.
below the message body, where you type your message.
you will see Filename, then a blank field and then a Browse button
click on it, select the file from you HD and then click the button below Add Attachement, afterwards when your done you click the Submit button and your done, and we can see your beauty's :green:
group pics, single shots, close ups, vids,.... the works :green:

I LOOOVVEEEEEE your garage, you painted it very beautifull, and the decoration is great, but what's in it is even BETTER :green:
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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