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The Dino A/C system is quite adequate for cooling BTUs and if you've completed my STAGE 1 conversion to R-134a then you're on the way to great cooling. But the system as designed was constrained into a small space in a small car resulting in convoluted airflow paths. A 90 degree bend is a serious restriction on airflow and I count Seven (7) 90 degree turns in tehDino A/C system. SEVEN 90 degree bends!

One weak aspect of the original design was AIRFLOW.
Ferrari created a compact system but they used an exhaust fan on the backside to pull air across the condensor. This made a very compact design and was great for packaging but I count Seven (7) bends in the airflow and that just slows everything down. To retard airflow even further, the supply intake air was PULLED THROUGH THE KICK PANEL CARPET ONLY ON THE LHS.

My solution is to add a modern, 3 speed SPAL fan on the Supply side to overcome low intake pressures from three 90 degree flow bends to get to the evaporator and also alleviate the potential for static pressure across the evaporator. I believe in not taxing the Dino electrical system so will add relays and fuses for this.
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