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Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and her sister recently inherited a 1973/74 (not sure which yet!) dino 246GT that is a little wose for wear, and I was hoping to get some free advice on value/restoration costs etc. It has been garaged for the last 20 years or so, but has obviously not been kept completely dry. Unfortunately I do not currently have any pictures but I will get some. (((now attached))))) I think that structurally it is sound. The body work is mostly ok, but for a few rusty, patches (mainly on the doors, rear boot hood, and around the headlights). I think that realistically it will need a respray. It is currently in black but I'm not sure if this is original. All the chrome work will also need re-chroming. It is left hand drive, with cream leather interior. The carpets will need completely replacing, and some small upholstery repairs required for the seats. I have looked for a chassis number inside the doors, but the plates are not there. Does anyone know where else I can find the chassis number, and which number range I should hope to find?? As far as I am aware the engine ran when it was stored, but the spark plugs have been removed at some point (I'm told this is not good!!!) I think with the correct attention it would run. The brakes require a full overhaul, and the gear linkage needs some work as it is very stiff. Can anyone give me an idea of the value of this car, both in its current condition, and also in restored condtion? Also does anyone know of any good restoration companies that I could contact?
Any advice would be appreciated!



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