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Let's have some fun using the Dino community group knowledge source.
Dino 07826 is currently on BAT as the highest bid up Dino for sale ever at $850k.

It has just come out of a $330k+ restoration but has not ever contested at Concours, so how would it do?
If you were a Concours Judge, then what details do you see, note and would deduct?

Here is what I personally see. A lot of correct parts did not back it onto the car during the restoration:
1) Missing Bumper Grommets P. 9,35 show it is now missing its 8 original bumper to body trim grommets, but were present prior to restoration shown in p. 994,1171, unfortunately so easy for judges to see
2) Wrong radiator fans P. 37,99,716,744 show 4 bladed plastic radiator fans from 308 when 3 blade metal is correct for Dino 246, easy for judges to see
3) Window Vent striker plate missing P. 53 shows vent window striker is missing its finishing plate now using screws but was present before and used correct rivets in p. 1435,1436
4) Missing Dash warning light Photos p. 76,82,83 show the dash is now missing the red "Hazard" light but was present before as shown in photos p. 665,1102 but shown removed with heat damage perhaps electrical problems
5) Steering column incorrect paint P. 89,974 - Steering column embossing of "07826" s/b in white paint not black paint, very easy for judges to see this
6) Wrong door handle fasteners P. 91 - incorrect phillips head screw in door cup, s/b slot hd
7) Interior vinyl trimmed incorrectly P. 92,464 - Incorrect vinyl trim around gas pedal is missing the contour stitching as seen in the before photos of p.1093,1385 This is easy for judges to see
8) Vent ducts incorrectly secured P.101,235 - 80mm Vent ducts are shown sealed with crimped metal ring clamp (I have never seen this on any Dino before)
9) Wrong trunk upholstery fasteners P.107,109 - Rear trunk firewall carpet is secured with standard screws instead of correct upholstery rings originally used and seen in the before photo of p. 896
10) Engine breather hose wrong P.110 - Breather hose routing and angle are incorrect, missing the 90 degree bend as was present before in p. 1693-1694.
11) Missing Fuel Line stand-off P. 111 - Carb return fuel line is missing stand-off on distributor bolt as is present in the before photos of p. 1034,1054
12) Missing Switch P. 112,116 - Missing 2nd circuit microswitch mounted on aft valve cover
13) Missing plenum fastener seals P. 113,118 - Plenum box knurled nuts missing their rubber seals
14) Wrong label install P. 114 - Plenum box lid sticker upside down
15) Missing Warning label P. 114,117 - Plenum box body warning label missing, engine cover latch s/b tapped not external nuts
16) Missing Warning label P. 115 - Header tank warning label missing
17) Wrong tank fastener mounts P. 115 - Header tank missing LOBO bolts present before in p. 1033,1034
18) Wrong header tank top hose P. 119 shows the wrong braided coolant vent hose when it s/b smooth NBR
19) Wrong bumper stop fasteners P. 119,122 show for rubber stops in bonnet/hood/lid shut channels are secured with phillips screws. This is incorrect, s/b #2 oval head slot screws and an easy known deduction by Judges
20) Broken/departed body piece P. 120 Body metal securing tab for Header tank return hose now departed broken off, but was present before in p. 1034,1103 In a $330k restoration nobody could weld a tab of metal rather than leave a broken off visible departure edge? most odd!
21) Wrong door jamb trim panel fasteners P. 123 shows trim panel with phillips screws, s/b slot panhead as seen in before photos p.1042, 1124 So easily seen by judges
22) Wrong undertray P. 122 missing fiberglass steering underbody access panel, aluminum is incorrect but not easily seen by judges
23) Wrong finish P. 215,1455 Drop gear cover fasteners painted black s/b gc plated
24) Wrong Voltage Regulator P. 235,442 Incorrect Voltage Regulator is installed
25) Painted part s/b Black P. 23,252,253 - The twin post bumper standards are now body color but s/b black as shown in before photos p. 324-330
26) Wrong inner fender panel seals P. 360-368 show the Inner fender panels have incorrect edge seal by fasteners - not SP1 and not using OEM staples but rather cross clamp as seen in before photos p. 906,989,877-879
27) Wrong Fasteners P. 491,492 - Wrong release handle bolts, s/b LOBO bolts as seen before in p. 590
28) Non-Dino Part P. 499,500 - Wrong trim pieces, does not belong on any Dino
29) Non-Dino Part P. 501 - Wrong fuse box, does not belong on any Dino
30) Wrong shock marking color P. 506 - blue and white paint color on shocks s/b yellow
31) Missing connector at door hinge P. 514 - missing door 4/6pin electrical connector
32) Broken upholstery backing panel around triple lever release P. 542 - panel broken at lever edge shows 2" departed material unrepaired with visible break. This is a known stress point as technicians force two back causing damage when one lever breaks needing replacement
33) Non-Matching door locks P. 581 - two door lock set is not sequential numbers indicating replacement from original
34) Wrong battery P. 668 - Incorrect battery as grp 24 used, when grp 34 is correct but not easily seen by judges
35) Wrong upholstery panels P. 717,718,719 - Incorrect and never belong on a Dino
36) Missing Trunk Access Plugs P. 835-839 - Departed 4 plastic plugs for hinge access holes, but were present before in p. 900,908 This is one of my GO-TO judging point deductions for originality as it is so easy to see.
37) New REPLACEMENT WINDSHIELD Delamination P.1071,1169 - shows broken front windshield needing replacement, but p. 1401-1403 shows that the new replacement now shows edge failure and signs of delaminating.
38) REPLACEMENT WINDSHIELD MISSING MARKINGS P. 1412-1413, 472-747,348-349 show new windshield installed but no detail pics of Manufacturer ID aka "bugs". The concern is that there is only one modern replacement, by Pilkington, and Dino owners have reported great difficulty in using it as it is far too thin to securely fit in the OEM Dino windshield channel
39) WRONG SCAGLIETTI PANEL NUMBERS P. 1217,1218 - Wrong interior panels. Massini confirms the correct No. is 2871 yet these show No.s 2865 so were possible accident replacement parts as bare panel images show work in this area of car
41) Missing Trim Finish Pieces P. 769-775 show bumpers missing rubber paint pads underneath chrome bumper mounting foot to body
42) Wrong Fuel Pump installed, P. 1665-1670 show the removed fuel pump was an aftermarket BAP unit then replaced with incorrect FACEL unit. FACEL is shown installed in this Dino on p. 1451-1452, 1463, 1500.
*Oddly enough and not installed, the very rare OEM Corona fuel pump is shown in P. 1531-1533 yet will not be delivered to the buyer of this car. Curious marketing! *

43) Wrong Fuel Lines. Cross carburettor fuel lines s/b green Cavis, P.1509,1515 shows installed as black rubber braid
44) Missing Emissions System. Complete US emissions system is missing from Microswitch to Diverter to Manifolds to air pump
45) Missing shoulder seat belts The shoulder portion of the seat belts are missing indicated by the blanked securing anchors

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