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After entering the Gumball 2006 and after noticing some major flaws in the organization of the event I decided to create and launch a new road rally in the US: the Diamond Drift Rally

Objectives: come back to the origins of the road rally.

To do that I had to create an event affordable to enter so anybody can afford it. Just to enter the Gumball 3000 you'll have to pay $45,000.00. It is totally outrageous. The Diamond Drift Rally will be a real mixture of people who are going to talk and network sharing the same passion they have for road rally adventure and sport cars.

The Diamond Drift Rally will be a 4 days event, 2000 miles, 50 cars. Starting line San Jose California (capital of the silicon valley) and finish line San Francisco California. The rest of the itinerary will remain secret.

Just to let you know I personally worked with some experts who are/were working on the racing industry setting up events (F1 grand prix, Nascar and Le Mans series events). The itinerary is great (I drove it twice already).

Even if the Diamond Drift Rally is affordable, this rally will still be exclusive: 50 cars only. Each potential participant will have to fill out an application form and based on the motivation of the participant he/she will be in or not.

The rally is already sponsored by major brands. We are expecting 3 huge sponsor deals...

For more information about the Diamond Drift Rally :

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