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I have the check engine lighted on and would like to buy a OBD2 tester to put on my computer and on the F355 I own.
I have in the workshop the error codes and dont find the 55 pole cable conector to diagnose it.
In the manual they say:

Diagnosis of the electrical and electronic components is performed on the basis of the instruction provided in the Diagonstic sheet number 19 and with the aid of the 55 pole cable conector .Drawing No 95970072.

Did someone already done that here and do someone have this Drawing to find the connector and order for the good kit ?

nico :wink:

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One of you will have a photo of the box open, although I have my small idea, it would be interresant to see the interieur ...
See even the manual of use.
If yessss Thanks in advance;)
Gaetan France
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