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Dr. Bob said:
Do you mean every name that has ever designed a Ferrari? Or do you mean everybody that has designed a body of an prduction car? Barchetta had a link to the first group, but it doesn't work at the moment.
Both would be cool, but I mean a list of companies not individual names, that has designed a production car.

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Zagato officially bodied four cars only and that was back in the late Fifties on 250 TdF chassis.

Zagato did a few more in the Seventies (a 330 or 365 GTC, or GTS), plus did a Testarossa in the Eighties and a limited series (18 or so) of 348's in the Ninties. Customer-ordered only, after the stock car was produced. The TR was an exercise and only used for auto shows.

I may have forgotten one or two more from Zagato.

Other Coachbuilders in no particular order:

Abarth (one 1953 166MM)
Stabilimenti Farina (before it became Pinnin Farina)
of course Scaglietti (before they became the "house" coachbuilder for PF)
Boano (later became Ellena)

All I can think of for now. There was a Swiss company called Felber that made one or two goofy-looking cars in the Seventies, but I wouldn't consider them as serious production.

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I think the only design done by Bertone was the 308 GT4.

Boano and Ellena indeed were related, I believe they were brothers-in-law?

I cannot think of any other yet as Peter did.


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[quote='75 308 GT4 (Peter)]Bertone did more than just one type of Ferrari. Yes, they did my GT4, but they also built one on a 1962 250 GT model, S/N:3269. Shown at the '62 Geneva show and used by Nuccio Bertone as a daily-driver!

They could have also made one or two more "custom" Ferraris...[/quote]

i knew it, i'm pretty sure that i have it in a mag or book somewhere
don't think i have a pic on my pc but i will dig a little bit
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