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355 or non 355 owners I need your opinion on my choice of potential purchase:

(1) 1997P rosso/crema, GTS, 44T, 8 out of 10 overall condition, all main dealer servie history, £45,000. Recently serviced. Selling by a non-official dealer in the UK

(2) 1999T rosso/crema, GTS F1, 30T, 9 out of 10 overall condition, £54,000. Recently serviced. Selling by an OFFICIAL dealer in the UK

Which of the two is the better value for money?

Also, what are the pitfalls that I need to watch out for before I fork out my hard earned cash? Is there a list of questions that I ought to ask the dealer to clarify before I make the purchase?

Many thanks in advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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