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Death of a 288 GTO !

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:cry: Nothing more to say.


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When did this happen: Friday 13th???

Man, hate to see this beauty go! :( :( :eek: :eek: :evil:

I am not sure if it is totalled, since many Ferrari wrecks will be rebuikt, especially 288 GTOs!

Let's hope the best.

I took this today..nice to see a 288 looking the way it should. BTW apart from the 512BB, 288 GTO, F40, F50 and lambo in the pic, there was a 360 Spider, 2 360's and a 512LM in the showroom (all were red except for one black modena - and the 3 silver modenas parked outside).


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Very nice. There is a 288 GTO at the dealer near Yokohama (I'm not sure which dealer I was at). I have a photo of it in a thread somewhere. Which dealer is this? Someone told me there is a dealer between Ochanomizu and Myogidani(sp?). I will hopefully check it out in the near future.
It says the the owner got on the freeway driving to Frankfurt when he floored it their was a techncal mailfunction and the flames came out of the back, but it doesn't mention when it happened, i'm sure that it has to be at least more then a year ago since the article mentiones mark's instead of euro's

Good point! Didn't thought of it myself!


Nice picture. I had the opportunity only once to see those three Ferraris next to each other!

Let me guess, this year on the Nurnburgring.
LOT'S of F40's several F50's and 2 GTO's

Italia a Zandvoort last year. All owned by the same guy!

hmm, so they wheren't there this year, that's a shame, ooh well perhaps next year
Best argument I can think of for carrying a fire extinguisher.
Great pick Michael. Sometimes I think if I'm rich I would like to park a 288 next to an F40 next to an F50, that would be a cool collection. Nice to have a pic of what my garage would look like.
It's an amazing sight seeing all of those together, did you notice the 512BB in the corner of the pic (and they are all red) ? It's still one of my favorites.
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