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Dane's Mondial

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Hi folks,

What a say the least. 750 miles from NC to CT in a 308 without heat in January is not something to be desired. I froze.

A long story, short...turned-in the 308, drove the Mondial and was shortly on my way....south! What a truly fun car to drive. Cab forward design, great visibility and even fuel injection were welcomed with a warm smile. Oh, and the A/C and heat work!!

I really did love the 308 but what a change the Mondial has been. I just don't see where critics could beat up on a car that is this much fun to drive. I just don't see it. I'll even go so far to say that I would've pursued a Mondial first instead of a 308. Don't get me wrong, I love the 308's. I am just tickled with this automobile.




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Wonderful car but isn't the driveway for cars and the yard for the kids to play in? :eek:ha:
Sweet car! That must have been quite a trip, from NC to CT in one Ferrari and back with another. I'm sure you will fill us in with stories of your new baby. I can't believe you got a red one though. You were so up on the fact that your 308 WASN'T red. :D
Congrats Dane
wow she is nice and reall shiny
did you wash here just for those pics?

BTW didn't you wanted a cabrio mondial at first?
Hi guys! Thanks for the comments!

Oh, what a trip it was to Connecticut! Yeah, the heat in the 308? It didn't work and I froze. I have lived in Montana, North Dakota and Alaska. So, I think I know cold but this was something else. I have never been this cold for this period of time. I was miserable. I had to stop at a Kmart for thermal socks to one, put on my feet and two, to wrap around my shoes. I also bought a blanket. I am telling you I must've looked like the biggest idiot. Here I am, rolling down the highway, in a Ferrari and dressed in a wool hat, huge jacket and thermal socks wrapped around my feet with a blanket over my lap...750 miles and 14 hours later I arrived at my destination.

Oh how I was happy to hear that the Mondial had an operable heater. It was a great trip back...

I know Pete! Blue Ferrari, blue Ferrari, blue Ferrari! I still think that blue was gorgeous but the paint on this car is truly exceptional. The first owner of the car had it sent back to Maranello for a repaint as he was not happy with the car once it was delivered. The result is incredible. This paint is so deep, clear and glossy...and bright.

More to follow... :)


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That is so nice Dane. I too am not a die-hard fan of Red, but it suits some Ferraris well. And this is it... :)

Congrats dude!
Hi Peter,

Thanks very much. I guess I am officially "mainstream" Ferrari now, huh?
:) I do love your GT4 and certainly respect your abilities. Way to go.


Dane said:
750 miles and 14 hours later I arrived at my destination.
Did you drive up and then turn around and drive right back down!?! Don't tell me you were 28 hours behind the wheel non-stop! It was 10 hours each way when I picked up my Ferrari in Pennsylvania. I used my truck and trailer and a buddy of mine went with me to help with the driving but it was still a killer.

How does Jen like the car? Have you let her drive it yet?

Oh, don't forget to change your avatar. Or are you hanging onto it because you're sentimental?

Oh brother..I departed Fayetteville, NC at 4:30 (am) on Saturday morning and did not arrive until 7:30 (pm) that evening. I was so cold and miserable. It was aweful!! Yes, the drive in the Ferrari was horrible. I was envious of every car on the road whose passengers looked warm.

Having had a mechanical check performed on the Mondial, I simply did a test drive to learn more about it and was basically on my way back south again. I made it to White Plains, NY where I spent the night. I checked in at a hotel at 11:40 (pm) and did not leave until around 8:45 the next morning. The ride back was great.

Jen has always liked the Mondial styling more so than the 308. She has yet to drive or ride in the Mondial since she is still in Alabama attending a maintenance course. I look forward to hearing her thoughts after driving the Mondial.

By the way, Andrew is hooking me up a new avatar! Thanks for asking!


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Lovely car, Dane. Congratulations!

Hi Barry,

Thank you so much. This car has been such an unbelievable pleasure to experience. It really is a ton of fun to drive and so much better looking in person. I honestly did not think a Mondial would be such a great piece considering some of the criticism....I love it. Thanks again.


Nice car.
It is a nice mondial.
I really don't like the mondial series. But this is a nice one.

How's everything going with the Mondial? How do you enjoy the forward cab design?


Thank you for asking. Honestly, I did not have near the expectations for the Mondial since I was leaving the carburated GTB. However, this car has been nothing but a pure joy. A supercar it is not but it is incredibly fun to drive, has unbelievable visibility and is extremely user-friendly. The cab forward design is exceptional. I cannot say how much fun she is to drive. I loved my previous car. I think the 308 series is among the sexiest of designs. Plus, the whistles of the four Webers.... 8)

I am happy that I could experience the GTB but feel truly lucky to have such a great piece in my possession today. Perhaps, she is not the Ferrari supercar of which most people think; 575, 275, 250, 512, etc.

I just feel honored to have the experience of what I consider to be a Thanks again for asking.


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Hey Dane, its not about how many cylinders it has, or if its a pre-Fiat model, or who owned it previously. Its all about how big of a smile it puts on your face, the way your palms get sweaty with anxiety and your heart beats a little faster, when you get in and turn the key...

That my friend is what Ferrari is all about! :wink:

P.S. Even if I were lucky enough in the future to own a super Ferrari like an F40, or a classic like a 250 LM, I'd still keep my GT4. Because to me, they're all the same...
Yes, indeed! And you'll have room in the Mondial for the entire family!
Absolutely fellas!! We love our cars. To me, that's all that matters. 8)

Great comments.


Dane's Ferrari Moved

To my house! I just got it yesterday. Nice car.
Welcome to the forum Sam!

For those that don't know, Dane has sold his Mondial. Sam is the lucky new owner. I have tried to contact Dane but haven't had a response yet.
that's a shame
how long has Dane had the Mondial, since the winter?
do you know what else he got to replace the Mondial Pete?
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