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The Midtown Diner, a nice family oriented restaurant, in Lisbon Falls, Maine sponsors a cruise night every Tuesday evening during the summer. There is usually a good turnout with the street rods and muscle cars. Some really beautiful cars that people have poured their hearts into. Anyway, when I am home I usually go with the Ferrari and my Dad goes with his Edsel. The Ferrari is usually quite a draw. I had one older lady approach me and say "You know, I used to drive a car just like this 30 years ago." I said "Well, you must really like the European sports cars." She said "No, not really, my husband said I had to have one."

Well, this past Tuesday my Dad and I went and there was a 14 year-old boy that couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the Ferrari sitting there. He looked the car up one side and down the other. He was very respectful, he did not touch the car and referred to me as "Sir" when he asked questions. He informed me that the Ferrari was his dream car and he hoped to own an F50 one day. I encouraged him and told him to work hard at school and get a good job and work hard at that and one day he could have his Ferrari too. He had never seen a Ferrari before and now that he had seen one I think he realized that real people can and do own Ferrari's. It is an achievable dream. I pulled the driver's door open for him and said "Try this one on for size." He couldn't believe that I would actually let him sit in it and he slowly sunk himself down into the leather seat and I could tell he was driving that car down a twisty mountain road when he put his hands on the wheel. His Mother thanked me and it made me feel really good to make that kid's day. I bet he is still thinking about sitting in that car.

To me, this is one of the best parts of the Ferrari experience. When I bought the car, it was to please myself. Now that I have it, I enjoy using it to please others.
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