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Attached are some pics of the finished job. The point type ignition is gone and the car now has a Crane Fireball XR3000 ignition with optical pickups, Crane PS60 High Power coils, Magnecor Electrosports70 ignition wires and NGK spark plugs.

On the coil picture you will see that the front distributor boot is off, I just haven't put it back on yet. I purposely left off the coil boots because I like the chrome coils, they really stand out. You will also notice that the plug wires are black, I didn't bother getting the red silicone tubing to cover them. I didn't feel it was really worth the cost since anybody who knows Ferrari's will see in an instant it isn't stock anyway and anybody who doesn't know Ferrari's wouldn't know the difference.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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