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Costprice of Enzo

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Now what it the correct price tag of the Enzo??
On the internet i've seen about 5 different prices
and now i have in my hand 2 different mags
the first one: a french mag called Ferrari Models they say a price tag of €660000
second one: a dutch mag called Auto Visie with a 70 page special about the Enzo and a price tag of €909770.
Now what is the real price????
And don't come with depends on the options, cuz thats not possible since there aren't any options available.
The only thing that you can choose is the colour: Red, Yellow and Black
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Ooh trust me, i know that she's officially launched on the Paris auto show.
I'm gonna drive over there just to see her.
But i will probably already see her next week, i'm 80% certain that she will be on the Nurnburgring
I don't think that i'll get an answer from the guys at the Ferrari stand in Paris.
Ooh well, i gues i'll have to wait then.
Dane Sander said:
I just talked to my bank. They said my debt to income ratio won't allow me a loan for the Enzo...
not only that.
But just with only 1 Ferrari in driveway, and one that you bought second hand, they don't consider you a good costumer
It's planned to be available in black also, but we'll just have to wait.
There will probably be 1 black Enzo, it's the same thing with the F50
Tifoso_Boy said:
I'm hoping to see one at the USGP...(keeping fingers crossed) :wink:
It can't be, that's too soon.
The first ones will be delivered after the Paris auto salon

Or perhaps Ferrari brings one over
1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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