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Correct VIN on 328 (repeat post from classic forum)

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Hi all,

I was on the lookout for a 328GTS and found an 1986 model for sale. The chassisnbr for this car is ZFFWA20B000059533.

However, if I look through the Registry on this website, this VIN is registered to a 328GTB from 1986 ???

Can someone confirm that 59533 belongs to a GTB and not a GTS, otherwise there is either a mistake in the registry, or the owner has given me the wrong VIN, or (is it possible?) he cut the roof off his GTB and made a GTS ??

Thanks for any clarification,
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Thanks for posting this correction. I need to add a disclaimer to the Registry saying that the information is not guaranteed. Sorry for the confusion I will update the record right away.

Best of luck on getting the 328. I hope it works out for you. I updated the record here:
Thanks for the info !

Will let you know the outcome of my search (am having a look at the car tomorrow.

Here is the link to the website for the sale.

I live in Belgium and the car is being sold in Belgium.
In short:

1986 Red 328GTS
clutch replaced in Jan. 2004
Major inspection including belts in Dec. 2003 (at 66.000km)
Last inspection done in May 2004
Originally Italian car but imported in Belgium by Belgian ferrari dealer in 2002.
Currently has 69.000 km
asking price: 34.000 Euro

Any opinions and advice always welcome.

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BTW, the car was spotted at the Spa Ferrari Days 2004 by me, Red/Black, plates GFQ-944 (B)
Saw the car and thinking of buying - opinions ?

Saw the car yesterday and VIN is correct (GTS model).

Sales price is now 33,000 Euro.

Noted the following:
-seat has small tear in it (expensive to repair ? see classic thread)
-trunk zipped cover is torn on one side
-electric antenna button does not work (antenna can be pulled manually)
- AC not used for over a year, but seems to be working
- right side window panel cover can not be opened
- small indications of potential rust under wheel sills, but still no cracks in paint.

Car is original Italian, but imported in Belgium in 1996, produced in 11/1985, so must be among first couple of hundred 328GTS models out of factory.

Sound like a good deal ?

Will also post this in generic discussions site.

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