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Coppa Bella Macchina

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today there was a small classic meeting in Malle, Belgium
i went there today with Eric for a relaxed and laid back fun morning and afternoon between lot's of beautifull classics and ofcourse a few nice Ferrari's turned up (lucky for me :green: )
so here are a few pics for you guys to enjoy


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When Jacques Swaters left Modena with the 500 F2, Enzo Ferrari (himself) asked at someone from Ferrari the following:
"Who is that guy in the 500 F2?"
Someone replied: "That's Jacques Swaters, he's going to drive the 500 F2 to Belgium."
And Enzo Ferrari replied: "Here at Ferrari we are crazy, but that guy there is the craziest"
What a compliment! :)
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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