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Coppa Bella Macchina

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today there was a small classic meeting in Malle, Belgium
i went there today with Eric for a relaxed and laid back fun morning and afternoon between lot's of beautifull classics and ofcourse a few nice Ferrari's turned up (lucky for me :green: )
so here are a few pics for you guys to enjoy


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Hi Dirk and all of you,

I really enjoyed that event! Especially since I had the unique chance to follow a 500 Mondial on the road, while going to the event. The looks, the sound even smelling the car was great. You should have seen the faces of other people in the traffic. And it was kind of funny to see the driver use his arms as indicator (or was he trying to keep the flies out of his mouth....?)

Here you can watch some more pics, also of several other events:


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Hi Dirk,

somehow my reply went wrong.

Well, I do have a sunroof and took the picture holding the camera up. I can easily take pics while driving since I drive

a. a Renault 19 which is very slow
b. it has an automatic gearbox
c. and a sunroof!

Here's another pic from the Mondial.


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